It’s profitable to invest on happiness

All researches and experiences of the last years show that improving happiness at work offers significant increases of profit, productivity and innovation, as well as significant cost savings. When people are happy they are more creative, more empathetic, more innovative, work better with others, solve problems instead of complaining about them, they are more optimistic, motivated and healthy, are less worried about making mistakes and actually make it less , they learn faster and make better decisions, provide better customer service. The happiest companies attract best talents and are able to keep their best employees.

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We create and apply strategies to make
work-life experience happier

Our team

We work day-in and day-out together our clients to create better and happier work environments.

Nicoletta Foresti

Nicoletta Foresti

Happiness is coffee at MAG
Giovanni Battista Pozza

Giovanni Battista Pozza

Happiness is a great bear
Silvia Neretti

Silvia Neretti

Happiness is an excuse.
(for doing all the rest).
Marco Braghero

Marco Braghero

Happiness is win making basket last second.

Happiness requires a good mix of combined skills
and a multidisciplinary approach

We work team by team

Our services are unique and they start with teams, bottom-up and with the leadership and executive teams as well. Then we make your small-medium-large organization or startup gradually a happier work environment through our proven team by team approach.

It’s a meaningful 1-day experience that teaches happiness at work principles and, thanks to experiences during the workshop, the principles are ready to be used next work day.

The strategy applies entire Happy Genetic Model©, with workshops, tools, practices to uplift happiness as a value inside organization to achieve
business and well-being goals. Moreover, it ensures sustainability of results over time and reinforce good habits periodically.

how it works