Learn the foundations of happiness

The Academy is a place to take inspiration, learn fresh methods, meet the entire process to bring happiness at work. The Academy is an environment that leverages the value of happiness as driving a cultural change based on welfare, on well-being and well-doing. Happiness is related to the culture and structure of the organization as well as all aspects related to the person and sociality.
Participants will learn to understand and handle all key factors of happiness at work thanks to the experience of Fullglass with its Happy Genetic Model ©, to the integrated multi-disciplinary knowledge, to the contribution of international experts, to the application of internationally recognized methodologies for an optimal management of a successful business.
The gained knowledge will enable participants to design workplace happier and become facilitator of FULLGLASS.

A path that changes how you approach lifepeople & business.

Everything, from the sciences and humanities to research and business, is committed to well-being and well-doing culture.

Take part of our Academy in 2017

The Academy will be limited to 20 participants to make sure that everyone’s expectations can be addressed and so that we can adapt the content to needs and interests of the team. Write us to start a conversation and have more details.