Start with a Happy Shockcase

The best way to bring happiness at work is choose it.

What does it mean happiness at work? How important is happiness in a work environment? People generally react to these questions extravagantly whether they are entrepreneurs, employees or freelancers. Some of them suggests that there are more significant issues to worry about and care; others consider happiness at work as vitally important for the well-being of employees and something that can bring benefit to the company contaminating even customers. To explore that diversity of points of view we have to start giving a more precise definition: Happiness is general well-being, a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in life. For people means feeling motivated, involved and part of a project. For companies it means to measure business results related to the improvement of the work environment.
The happiness or unhappiness in the workplace is a choose, maybe not consciously, but it is so; either they are part of the culture of a company and act on relations. Being happy includes personal skills and company’s abilities to maintain situations of contentment and satisfaction over time, developing the resilience to deal with the inevitable “bad” moments  that can happen. It means, shifting the perspective to business results, that the whole organization improves, increasing the value perceived by customers. Happiness at work has a remarkable impact on company profits and on the ability to positively influence the innovation of products and services. Successful leaders know that happy employees contribute to improved profitability and the responsibility for happiness in a company resides in every single person who is part of it.

Everyone is responsible for happiness
in an organization

The Happy Shockcase is a fun and informative talk that deepens the meaning of happiness at work, the foundations that support it, the actions to achieve it and the successful experiences of organizations have collected the results. The audience is usually made up of managers and employees at all levels because our experience teaches us that a systemic and democratic approach brings better results. In all respects the talk is the beginning of a change for the people who take part. It is able to instill an idea of right happiness for every organization that wants to be collaborative.
The talk is engaging and interactive experience. It is a seed that once planted begins to bear fruit; It favors in a natural way a transverse conversation and for all, creating a good soil to be able to take the next step. Happy Shockcase will be the source of inspiration for future actions for all the people who will be present, for HR professionals and for all managers who want to catch up on how to improve the motivational skills with the resulting improvement of company performance.

If your best experiences in life are all vacations
then maybe you shouldn’t return to work tomorrow

Jurgen Appelo

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