The Daily Happiness Map

A fabulous canvas to increase happiness inside a team or a company.

Happiness can be measured in an experience-based way rather than using considerations of how well life is going overall. Those considerations are usually too vague to push us to change our lives and make a commitment or action. Obviously life goes better when we are happy.
But what exactly is happiness? The way we define happiness affects what we can do to improve it.
Generally we pay more attention to what we think should make us happy and not on what actually does. From this point of view, happiness becomes the most important feedback we gain from our behaviour. We can trust our experiences more than any other thing in your life such as intuitions, feelings or beliefs. If an activity makes us feel happy and we are aware of that, we are more likely to carry on doing it.

Don’t put off til tomorrow the happiness that you can enjoy today.

To help this quest you could consider writing a diary of your happy habits completing a visual daily map that you can use afterward to change something and shift yourself from bad habits to good ones. But first you need to be aware of them.
The Daily Happiness Map is an easy-to-use canvas for assessing what you do during the day or the week or for even a month and how happy you are with your experiences. It is adapted from the Day Reconstruction Method (DRM) proposed by Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman and his colleagues in 2004.
The Daily Happiness Map is designed specifically to facilitate accurate assessment of daily activities and daily mood. Evaluation and memory are important themselves because they play an huge role in our decision-making. We are all interested in the stories of our own lives. For this challenge you assess habits on a regular basis, for personal use or with your team or family. You can use it with specific domains (e.g. work, life) and interaction partners (e.g. friends, colleagues, manager) during each reported activity. You can do it on daily or weekly or monthly basis. If you do it on daily basis you can compare day-to-day experiences and introduce some changes and improvements.



The Happiness Map

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